We have six houseboats equiped for your comfort

Our Houseboats

The long time reputation of our houseboats is well known. All measures and precautions were taken during construction to ensure maximum safety, luxury and comfort.


Our houseboats are 52 feet long by 24 feet wide. They are built with large decks on the front and back and also adapted to receive people with disabilities.


You will appreciate the BBQ to prepare your delicious meals and the fish table on the back patio. The boat includes a refrigerator and lights that run on solar energy, a freezer that works with a generator and a stove that runs on propane. The kitchen is also equipped with dishes, pots, pans, etc. To contribute to your comfort, the living room and kitchen are open plan.


One room is completely closed and the other rooms are closed with curtains on a pole to allow more privacy. This arrangement allows us to offer more space. The boat has double beds and bunk beds, can accommodate up to eleven people (minimum of four and maximum of eight adults). In addition, there are two very large windows and patio doors : one on either side of the houseboat so you can enjoy the fantastic panoramic view that offers the Gouin reservoir.

All our houseboats are equipped with a luxurious bathroom including a toilet with tank, a sink and a shower with hot water.

To ensure your safety our houseboats have warning lights, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and life jackets. They are also equipped with GPS and charts to help you navigate safely. Finally, each boat is equipped with a radio telephone, an exclusive product at le Montagnard Outfitters, so you can reach us when needed.

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